Slip and fall accidents are often complex, nuanced, and detail-oriented. There are often multiple defendants represented by in-house counsel and large firms. In order to recover for injuries received after a fall, it is imperative that the victim hires counsel that has extensive experience and knowledge of slip and fall cases. At Pathway Law Firm, PC, our personal injury attorneys know how to navigate slip and fall cases and are dedicated to ensuring their clients receive the restitution they are due.

Common Causes of Slip, Trip & Fall Accidents

  • Wet or uneven flooring
  • Debris, trash, or food on the floor
  • Poor lighting
  • Lack of handrails
  • Waxed, worn, or warped stairs
  • Loose carpet/rug edges
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Broken furniture
  • Uncovered cords and cables
  • Improperly set-up ladder
  • Inadequate or slick shoes
  • Lack of proper warning signs, ex. “Wet Floor” sign

About Slip & Fall Accident Law in California

A property owner, manager, or leasor has an obligation to most individuals that are on their property to keep the property safe. When they fail to do so either through negligent or reckless behavior and that behavior is a substantial factor in causing the victim’s injuries, they can be held liable. An example of this would be when a property owner knows that the handrail on a set of stairs is loose, but does nothing to repair the condition. This would be considered negligent behavior. There are some defenses that arise in slip and fall cases, including:

  • Open and Obvious: The condition that injured the victim was “open and obvious,” and the victim should have seen it and avoided it.
  • Trespassing: The victim was trespassing at the time the injury occurred, therefore the owner, manager, and leasor were not under any obligation to keep the property safe for them.
  • Comparative Negligence: The victim’s behavior contributed to the injury. Even if true, the victim can still recover, but the amount they recover may be reduced in proportion to their percentage of fault.

Statute of Limitations in California Slip & Fall Accidents

Generally speaking, a victim has two years to file a lawsuit for a slip and fall accident. Any suit filed outside of this time frame may be dismissed due to the statute of limitations has expired. There are exceptions to this rule, and your California slip and fall attorney can determine if you are still able to file a lawsuit outside of the two-year time frame.

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