Statistically, air travel is safer than traveling in an automobile when compared on a per-mile traveled basis. Unfortunately, when airplane accidents occur, they involve more people and cause more fatalities and significant injuries.

Where and why an airplane crashes affects the laws that may apply. Assigning and assessing liability is also a difficult and time-consuming endeavor. Various agencies, airline personnel. Passengers, maintenance crews, air-traffic controllers, airplane owners, and parts manufacturers can be head responsibility.

Given the fact that aviation accidents generally involve a large number of claimants and media attention, having the right legal team on your side from the beginning is critical. Fortunately, injured parties can turn to Pathway Law Firm for representation. We have proudly and successfully represented injured parties and their families in various types of aviation accidents, including:

  • Private plane crashes
  • Commercial plane crashes
  • Air ambulance crashes
  • Charter plane crashes
  • Helicopter crashes

We have represented accident victims against large and powerful corporations and insurance companies successfully. Contact us to discuss your claim. We are available 24/7.