There are many advantages to walking as it is good for your mental and physical health. In addition, walking rather than driving or riding in a car is better for the environment and can be much more convenient in metropolitan areas. The downside of walking is that in case of an accident involving a motor vehicle, the pedestrian is much more likely to be injured or killed. At Pathway Law Firm, we appreciate the effects an injury can have on a pedestrian and provide our clients with adept, results-driven representation.

Common Causes of Pedestrian-Involved Accidents

Although pedestrian-involved accidents can happen anywhere, they occur most often in the following scenarios. 

  • Distracted Driving: Distracted driving is a leading cause of pedestrian-involved accidents. When a driver is texting, eating, or having a conversation with another passenger, their attention is diverted from the task of driving and they are more likely to strike a pedestrian.

  • School Bus/Zone Accidents: The presence of school buses, crossing guards, and schools themselves should be enough to make all drivers slow down and be extra cautious. Instead, many disregard these warning signs and end up striking pedestrians. Unfortunately, the pedestrians in these scenarios are usually children. 
  • Failure to Yield: Crosswalks are strategically placed to allow pedestrians a safe place to cross roadways while oncoming traffic yields the right of way. Accidents occur when an oncoming vehicle fails to yield and strikes a pedestrian.
  • Failure to Signal: When a pedestrian is crossing at an intersection, they look to see the direction of oncoming traffic and ensure that no vehicle is turning in such a way that they will be struck. When drivers fail to use their turn signals, pedestrians have no way of knowing the car will be turning and this can result in an easily preventable accident.


Common Pedestrian Injuries

As a pedestrian generally has no protection in an accident with a motor vehicle, the injuries sustained tend to be catastrophic in nature. Some of the injuries more commonly seen include:

California Pedestrian Accident Statistics

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