Personal Injury Attorney in Bakersfield, California

Joe Nazarian is the Founder and Managing Partner of Pathway Law Firm. Joe’s career was borne from his unrelenting goal of giving a voice to the voiceless. Joe’s personal experiences have provided him with a unique understanding of the situation his clients are in after an accident and the importance and delicacy surrounding the nature of personal injury.

I am devoted to each and every case I work on and make it my mission to obtain the maximum amount of compensation and justice on behalf of my clients.

Joe provides each client with personal attention. He makes unsolicited phone calls to clients to check on them. He believes that only through personal attention he can build trust with the client, understand the client’s loss, and empathize with the client’s personal story. Joe has used this type of outreach and love to obtain maximum financial compensation for his clients.

It is because of his personal connection with his clients that makes Joe a passionate advocate on their behalf. Joe is devoted to each and every case he works on and makes it his mission to obtain justice on behalf of his clients.

Over $2.65 Million Won in Slip & Fall Accident Claims 

Thanks to the incredible skill and experience of Joe Nazarian, our firm has recovered more than $2.65 million in judgments and settlements for clients who have been injured in slip and fall accidents. Most of these victories were obtained through negotiated settlements, but Joe has also successfully handled a number of trial cases.

Our approach is simple – we only take cases that have merit, and we fight hard to win! Part of Joe’s success with each case is his incredible preparation and dedication to every detail, from preparing for depositions to appearing in court.

Over $1.75 Million Won in Trip & Fall Accident Claims

The main difference between trip and fall accidents, as opposed to slip and falls, is that a third party (property owner) is liable for the damage. We have recovered more than $1.75 million in judgments and settlements for clients who were injured by tripping over their own stupidity or caused by the negligence of others.

One of the most important parts of our slip-and-fall claim victories is that we truly care about our clients and their families and work hard to obtain the maximum compensation on their behalf.

Over $9.3 Million Won in Car Accident Claims

Ask around, and you’ll hear that Joe Nazarian is one of the best car injury attorneys in Bakersfield, California. In our nearly 10 years in practice, we have successfully negotiated settlements of more than $9.3 million for clients who were injured in car accidents and other types of motor vehicle collisions.

Our experience with specific types of cases also helps us to win. For example, we have successfully negotiated settlements for victims who were injured in truck accidents and other types of collisions involving commercial vehicles.

Over $5.5 Million Won in Rideshare Accident Claims 

Our personal injury firm was among the first to litigate claims involving rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft successfully. We have consistently recovered millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for clients who were injured in rideshare accidents.

What sets us apart is the fact that we have been involved with these cases from the beginning. Our experience allows us to navigate through the complex issues related to liability on behalf of those injured in rideshare accidents, including determining insurance coverage and other matters.

Over $16.35 Million Won in Semi-Truck Accident Claims

In addition to our work in claims involving cars and trucks, we have also obtained more than $16.35 million in verdicts and settlements for clients injured in accidents involving semi-trucks, including hit and runs.

We have experience litigating cases involving many types of semi-truck accident claims, from wrongful death to catastrophic injuries. We take on these challenging cases because we know that the compensation typically follows the level of liability.

Our firm has also represented clients injured in accidents involving other large commercial vehicles, such as buses and delivery trucks. We have successfully negotiated settlements for victims who were injured while riding on buses or tripping into a truck’s cargo area.

Over $13.2 Million Won in Pedestrian Wrongful Death Claims 

What makes a wrongful death case difficult is that the victim’s family must go through the grieving process and become involved in a legal matter. We understand this difficulty, which is why we work closely with our clients to help them process their feelings and manage stress from both sides of their life.

In addition to helping families who have lost loved ones, we have worked on cases involving pedestrian accidents, including hit-and-runs. We have experience dealing with insurance adjusters in this area and working to negotiate fair compensation for families looking to rebuild their lives after losing a loved one.

Over $9.6 Million Won in Bus Roll-Over Accident Claims

The intensity of litigation involving large commercial vehicles is different because of the nature of their operation. Most buses do not have seatbelts, and if they are not properly maintained and operated, they can easily roll over in an accident.

By successfully litigating cases involving bus roll-overs, we have helped clients obtain millions of dollars in compensation for their losses.

Our Difference in Personal Injury Litigation

We are not like other personal injury law firms because we treat our clients the way that we would want to be treated. We take the time to get to know them and understand what they went through, which is how we create successful legal strategies for their cases. We work hard on our clients’ behalves because we believe in the people in our community.

Core Values

Our injury firm is built on a foundation of core values. We always put our clients’ needs and best interests first; we are honest, respectful, and ethical in all that we do. We have strong moral standards and principles that define us as individuals, which is why it has been so easy for us to work together as a team.

Professional Relationships 

We have built our firm on professional relationships that are rooted in mutual respect, teamwork, and trust. We often work with other attorneys and businesses in the local community to help our clients. Many of these professionals know us personally, which is how we built a network of contacts that serve as an extension of our team.

Close-Knit Working Family 

We are not just motivated by our firm’s vision and mission; we have a close-knit working family that is built on mutual respect and trust. We have worked together for many years and share the same desire to help our clients in the best possible way, which means they can always count on us to be there when they need us most.

We Will Never Stop Fighting for You

A personal injury claim or lawsuit can be an emotionally draining process. It is our job to fight against insurance companies, medical professionals, and other parties that we believe are responsible for the actions they take or inactions they take that result in tragic events. If you have suffered a personal injury, we are here to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve. We will never stop fighting for you because that is what we do — it’s our job.