Joe Nazarian is the Founder and Managing Partner of Pathway Law Firm. Joe’s career was borne from his unrelenting goal of giving a voice to the voiceless. Joe’s personal experiences have provided him with a unique understanding of the situation his clients are in after an accident and the importance and delicacy surrounding the nature of personal injury.

I am devoted to each and every case I work on and make it my mission to obtain the maximum amount of compensation and justice on behalf of my clients.

Joe provides each client with personal attention. He makes unsolicited phone calls to clients to check on them. He believes that only through personal attention he can build trust with the client, understand the client’s loss, and empathize with the client’s personal story. Joe has used this type of outreach and love to obtain maximum financial compensation for his clients.

It is because of his personal connection with his clients that makes Joe a passionate advocate on their behalf. Joe is devoted to each and every case he works on and makes it his mission to obtain justice on behalf of his clients.