Pathway Law Firm is happy to announce its new Collegiate Scholarship Award for recent high school graduates or undergraduate college students interested in continuing their education with an accredited university.

The Collegiate Scholarship Award will be given to a deserving undergraduate student looking to making a difference in his or her community and beyond. The recipient will receive a $1,000 scholarship towards their college tuition.

General Rules:

  • Student must be a US citizen or a permanent resident;
  • Student must be a senior in high school or a first or second-year college/trade school student;
  • Student must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher;
  • Student must demonstrate involvement in community activities;
  • Candidates should follow us on social media to stay updated regarding the winner.

Application Requirements:

  • Students must submit an essay between 500-700 words and/or a 1-2 minute video describing themselves and their aspirations of going to college. Graphic and creative presentations are welcomed. Students should describe why they are pursuing a higher education, what obstacles they have had to overcome, the lessons learned from those experiences, and most importantly, describe any prior community involvement and/or their intentions for the same after graduation.
  • Students must send an unofficial copy of their high school and/or college transcripts.


  • Judging will be completed by a panel of qualified members of Pathway Law Firm
  • Judging will be based upon the candidate’s fulfillment of entry criteria and their ability to clearly and concisely convey how they plan to achieve their goals after receiving this scholarship.


  • Pathway Law Firm Scholarship is a one-time, monetary scholarship award and is to be used for academic tuition only.
  • Once winners have been selected, the scholarship awards will be given to the winner’s school to be used towards tuition and school expenses.
  • If an awardee is unable to attend school for any reason, he or she must be able to provide documentation substantiating why he or she is unable to attend;
  • If that is the case, the scholarship award will remain on hold for up to 6 months until he or she is able to provide proof of enrollment at any of the above institutions.
  • If an awardee is unable to claim the monetary scholarship award within 6 months, Pathway Law Firm may award it to another candidate at its discretion.
  • Candidates who are offered a scholarship must agree to the scholarship’s terms and conditions in order to receive the scholarship.
  • Announcements regarding the winners of the scholarship will be posted to Pathway Law Firm’s social media accounts.
  • Applicants will receive an email verifying that they have been selected to receive this award.