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Andrew T. Haling, Esq. is a Senior Attorney who helps clients manage legal disputes and pursue settlements, in and out of the courtroom. Andrew employs his years of legal experience in assisting clients with a multitude of case types, including: wrongful death, catastrophic injury, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, amputation, burn injury, car accidents, bike accidents, dog bites, product and premise liability, government claims, and more. Andrew’s impressive breadth of practice allows him to bring a unique perspective to meet clients’ needs. Andrew has successfully recovered millions for his clients throughout his illustrious career. 

At the core of Andrew’s practice is his belief that every person is entitled to human dignity and legal rights. He exemplifies this belief in the work that he does which compels corporations to recognize that people are not numbers on a spreadsheet but individuals deserving of respect and consideration. Andrew always wanted to be an advocate for individual rights, and he believes that nothing is more personal and valued than a person’s health.

No one has the right to hurt you, but you have the right to hire an attorney that will fight to make you whole.”

Andrew carries the lessons he has learned from every case he has handled with him, offering his clients the highest level of care and counsel regardless of their situation. He works diligently to develop a strong bond with each of his clients. Andrew’s legal acumen, compassion, and tenacity have carried him to multiple six and seven-figure settlements for his clients.